Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Halloween is just over a week away so its best to start thinking of Ideas for outfits now. Some people like to plan outfits way in advance and buy lots of accessories to make sure it turns out exactly as they want it but it can be quite expensive.

Here we have made a post on two cheap and easy Halloween outfits for those of you who don't want to spend a fortune on an outfit or just simply has left it to the last minute.

A Cat

Yes, I know this is quite a common Halloween outfit choice but it is also the easiest and cheapest and that's what this blog post is about. I like that with a cat you have a choice between making it look scary or cute and girlie depending on how you like to dress for Halloween, it is also cheap to buy the items needed like Cat ears, a tail and a collar; ours cost only £3 from Tesco but you can make them with items found in your house. Make up can be made as simple or complicated as you want, again it depends on what style you like to dress in for Halloween.
I made this cat face using just black eyeliner and red lipstick which I also smudged on the nose to create a pinkie colour. The Cat ears could be made by sticking triangle shapes made from black card on a plain headband and decorate using silver tinsel or paint. For the collar a bow could be made by scrunching a small piece of material together in the middle to create a bow shape which you can hold with a few stitches, attach it to some ribbon and tie around your neck (just make sure its not too tight, we don't want anyone strangling themselves) and you have a perfect kitty collar.

Now all you have to do is dress in all black and attach your tail at the back then your done.

Creepy Doll

This is a simple doll, it is less common than a cat so you wont have to worry about dressing the same as anyone else especially when you have made it yourself it makes it more unique. I think there is nothing better than wearing something you have made and knowing no one else in the world has the same as you.
Again the make up is made from mainly eyeliner which is used to draw on fake eyelashes and freckles across the nose (its never used as actual eyeliner, haha). Use concealer to cover up your natural lip colour and use red lipstick in the middle of your lips to create a pout. Tie up your hair in pigtails with ribbon and backcomb it, that's the hair and make-up done.

Now the outfit can be made by using an old flowery dress and adding patches of different pattern's and put some cuts in the dress, wear one long sock and one short sock and then add some black shoes. To improve this outfit as we did it really quickly it would be best to add a collar and long sleeves on the dress, some more lace and a teddy, maybe with some fake blood on it.

I Think this year I will be the Cat but will improve the Creepy doll so I can wear it for next years Halloween, haha that really is planning ahead.

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