Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Catching fire

OMG!!!!! I absolutely love the Hunger Games, I think they are amazing and so you can imagine how excited I was when Caitlin and I went watching the second one yesterday, Catching Fire. I read all three Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins straight after seeing the first film last year so I had an idea as to what the second film would be about. It was quite a while ago when I read the books so I didn't remember that much at first but as I was watching the film I found myself thinking that I remember this from the book.  I thought this was a good thing as many people complain that books which have been turned into films are never as good as the book, they think that they tend to change a lot but there was no drastic changes, the few odd tweaks but they only improved the film. Yes, I know I'm not being very descriptive here about the film but I don't want to give anything away cause I know that is something I would hate if I hadn't seen the film yet but if you had read the second book of The Hunger Games and really enjoyed it then you will love the film. I just don't know if I can wait until next year for the first part of the third one.

Mia Mode

This is a new post idea where we will take pictures of outfits worn by our cute little cousin Mia lily, she just loves to pose for the camera so prepare to giggle at some of her poses. :)


As you can probably tell Mia's favourite colour is pink and just look how cute these boots are from H&M, they are also available in grey leopard print.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Theme of the week: Graphic jumpers

 The theme of this week had to be graphic jumpers, you just cant get anything quite as comfy, warm and practical yet stylish at the same time as a graphic jumper, I especially love how easily they can be dressed up or down by the simple touch of a few layers. Here are a few of my faves:

1:This graphic jumper is from Forever 21 and I love it. Its like two trends in one with its graphic print as well as its fuzzy texture, I also bet its really warm and cosy, perfect for winter.
2: I saw this picture whilst looking through the blog 'Scent of Obsession' by Nicoletta Reggio. I just love her outfit ideas and I check her blog frequently as she is always adding new posts. My favourite thing about this outfit (Apart from the Dr Martens) is the layers and how they dress up the graphic jumper.
3: You must have seen this jumper at some time during this year as it has been worn by people around the world and is probably the reason why graphic jumpers are now so on trend. This is an example of the classic Kenzo jumper being worn last summer.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Caitlin's Birthday

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Caitlin, Happy Birthday to you...... Haha. Its Caitlin's 13th birthday today, she got a new phone, some clothes and money, just the typical teenager stuff. It made me laugh that she only got up at about 8am which might not seem late to you, especially as she is older and birthdays aren't considered quite as important cause nothing is a surprise but if it was me I would have not been able to sleep all night and i wake everyone else up at about 6am to open my presents (or present haha). Yeah i know im a big kid but if you think that's bad you should know I'm 10 times more excited on Christmas. Btw, if you don't believe in Father Christmas you don't get anything :) Well this quickly changed from Birthday to Christmas but anyway Happy Birthday Caitlin and make a wish Xx

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Theme of the week: Leopard Print

1.This is my comfy throw on jumper for when its cold and I just want something to keep me warm.
2. I saw this jumper at topshop and wanted it really badly but I don't have any money left :(
3.This is my one and only maxi-dress so I made sure it was in a classic print.
4. These shoes are on my wishlist (if only I had some money, haha) they aren't exactly winter appropriate but they will be nice for next year.
5. Another thing on my wishlist, these boots, I absolutely love ankle boots but it just makes it so much better that their in leopard print. 

College's, birthday's and hail. (random)

The weird title is just a sum up of what happened today and I warn you today was quite busy, so to start I went to some college open evenings today which was quite exciting but it meant that instead of having a lie in I had to wake up at 8am on a Saturday, it nearly killed me, haha. I visited two Salford city colleges,  Pendleton and Walkden. Walkden only offers the Vocational courses so I looked at doing the fashion and textiles course but I didn't like it very much.
Whereas, at Pendleton they do both A-Level and Vocational. You have to choose four A-Level courses so I looked at doing Textiles, Photography, English language and Business studies, they all seemed really good and I felt like I would enjoy each one. I also looked at the textiles vocational that was (in my opinion) a lot better than at Walkden but different people like different things, I just really liked the atmosphere at Pendleton and found the teachers to be very enthusiastic about their subject.

I don't know how the weather has been for you today but on our way home from the colleges it suddenly began to hail, it covered the roads within seconds and meant that we rode home at about 10 mph, so what should have been a twenty five minute drive took forty five minutes (not great when you have to listen to football on the radio) . The hail was shooting down and some were so big and heavy that they were like rocks being thrown at the window, it even knocked one of the wind shield wipers off the car which I found really funny but noticing nobody else was looking worried I realised it wasn't a laughing matter, the hail covered the window and my dad couldn't see anything. Ooops.

It was also my little cousins 6th birthday today so we went to her house for Birthday tea, it could just be a takeaway that we have all the time but because its on a Birthday its more special, haha. She got loads and loads of clothes, toys and games but she only cared about one thing, a LaLa Loopsy Silly Hair Star doll, I would definitely recommend it as a Christmas present.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Theme of the week: Floral

Today's theme is floral, mainly to try and distract us from the awful weather we have been having this past week that's been keeping us inside our houses for the half term holidays, its just typical. However, hopefully with this theme we can bring back some better memories of last summer when the weather was, well, a lot better :)
1: This was my favourite outfit from last summer when I went to Blackpool for the weekend with my family.
2: You must have seen some cute nails like these from last summer, Cath Kidston inspired floral print nails were a massive trend.
3: I took the picture of these beautiful flowers whilst on holiday in Tenerife at the beginning of July.
4: I wore this flower print kimono jacket when I went to London for the weekend in august, the weather was great.
5: This is actually a new dress I bought on Friday, it was only £8 from Primark. It doesn't have a memory behind it like the others but it has a nice summery print dress in Autumn/Winter colours.