Saturday, 9 November 2013

College's, birthday's and hail. (random)

The weird title is just a sum up of what happened today and I warn you today was quite busy, so to start I went to some college open evenings today which was quite exciting but it meant that instead of having a lie in I had to wake up at 8am on a Saturday, it nearly killed me, haha. I visited two Salford city colleges,  Pendleton and Walkden. Walkden only offers the Vocational courses so I looked at doing the fashion and textiles course but I didn't like it very much.
Whereas, at Pendleton they do both A-Level and Vocational. You have to choose four A-Level courses so I looked at doing Textiles, Photography, English language and Business studies, they all seemed really good and I felt like I would enjoy each one. I also looked at the textiles vocational that was (in my opinion) a lot better than at Walkden but different people like different things, I just really liked the atmosphere at Pendleton and found the teachers to be very enthusiastic about their subject.

I don't know how the weather has been for you today but on our way home from the colleges it suddenly began to hail, it covered the roads within seconds and meant that we rode home at about 10 mph, so what should have been a twenty five minute drive took forty five minutes (not great when you have to listen to football on the radio) . The hail was shooting down and some were so big and heavy that they were like rocks being thrown at the window, it even knocked one of the wind shield wipers off the car which I found really funny but noticing nobody else was looking worried I realised it wasn't a laughing matter, the hail covered the window and my dad couldn't see anything. Ooops.

It was also my little cousins 6th birthday today so we went to her house for Birthday tea, it could just be a takeaway that we have all the time but because its on a Birthday its more special, haha. She got loads and loads of clothes, toys and games but she only cared about one thing, a LaLa Loopsy Silly Hair Star doll, I would definitely recommend it as a Christmas present.

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