Saturday, 2 November 2013

Theme of the week: Floral

Today's theme is floral, mainly to try and distract us from the awful weather we have been having this past week that's been keeping us inside our houses for the half term holidays, its just typical. However, hopefully with this theme we can bring back some better memories of last summer when the weather was, well, a lot better :)
1: This was my favourite outfit from last summer when I went to Blackpool for the weekend with my family.
2: You must have seen some cute nails like these from last summer, Cath Kidston inspired floral print nails were a massive trend.
3: I took the picture of these beautiful flowers whilst on holiday in Tenerife at the beginning of July.
4: I wore this flower print kimono jacket when I went to London for the weekend in august, the weather was great.
5: This is actually a new dress I bought on Friday, it was only £8 from Primark. It doesn't have a memory behind it like the others but it has a nice summery print dress in Autumn/Winter colours.

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