Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Jumper dress

Hi, its Caitlin here and this post is about jumper dresses which are really in fashion at the moment, not to mention the comfiest dress ever.
Here is how I like to wear my thick cream jumper dress which I bought from Primark for about £15, I have seen quite a few jumper dresses in places like H&M but they tend to be quite thin and more baggy, that may be what you prefer but I liked this one better as I liked that it was thicker and comfier. I like to keep it simple with this dress, I wore it with leggings as appose to tights to keep me warmer in winter. I am also wearing my bag which I bought from Primark awhile ago and these creepers were £15 from Varani, I almost forgot the thick cream socks I am wearing so my feet don't freeze and fall of, haha, that was a bit over the top but that's sometimes what my feet feel like in winter :)

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture and that this is a really quick post but we have been quite busy lately, we will post again soon.

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