Saturday, 11 January 2014

Theme of the week: Camouflage

What I love about camouflage is that it can be worn not only in the stereotypical army print but in other different colours and shades, even pinks. The trend can suit anybody and can be as extravagant or simple as you want depending on whether you wear a camo co-ord in bold colours or just simply stick to accessories.|pcrid|37217744531&utm_campaign=UK%20Product%20Listing%20Ads&cvosrc=ppc%20pla.18283950120.&utm_source=18283950120&utm_medium=ppc%20pla&network=g&mobile=&adgroups={adwords_groups}&adlabel={adwords_labels}&creative=37217744531&adposition=1o3&pdv=c&sourcetracking=google-pla&gclid=CIf5qJus7bwCFSn4wgodJk4AKA